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Digital & Technology

Are you limiting your growth?

Inefficiencies and gaps in your technical infrastructure, software, and processes can have a negative ripple effect through your entire company, limiting your ability to scale and meet customers’ needs.  We can help turn your technology into a growth asset to power your business and delight your customers.

Service areas include


We provide custom development services across the full Software Development Lifecycle for both mobile and client/ server applications.  Highly scalable, highly available, and large transaction volumes.

Systems Integration

We can help you implement and integrate new solutions into your existing systems to maximize efficiency and minimize unintended impacts.

Customer Experience & Design

We help ensure your customer-facing technology supports your applications in a streamlined manner rather than limiting the value of your products.


Whether it’s AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud, we can help you deploy and manage your application in the cloud to improve efficiency, scalability and stability.

Data & Analytics

Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. Yellowshark can help ensure the data you collect is modeled correctly for efficiency to enable quick decisions and to gain critical insights.